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The following Web-based ecology activities are a collaborative effort between the Poway Unified School District and The Museum of Television & Radio. Using video clips from the Museum's collection, educator Carla Fantozzi delivers a powerful learning experience for students throughout California via ISDN-based videoconferencing. The internet activities below will provide support for the videoconference, or they could also be implemented as separate classroom activities. For more information about scheduling a videoconferencing session, contact Carla Fantozzi at The Museum of Television & Radio, or Keith Nuthall at the Poway Unified School District.

Lead-Up Activities

Tresure Hunt The Earth's Treasures is an interactive activity for students. It exposes students to several current environmental issues,  asks them to identify treasures in their own community, and encourages them to make a personal commitment to help the environment.   

YouMakeADifferenceSM.JPG (11076 bytes) You Make A Difference focuses the students on a single environmental issue.  This activity requires students to go beyond the basic facts behind the issue and asks them to identify why people should care about the environmental issue.   The activity concludes by requesting that the students produce a television, radio, newspaper or Web page public service announcement.


EcologyHotListsm.gif (4380 bytes) Ecology Hot List is simply a list of internet sites that support ecology curriculum. The collection has been split into two categories: Elementary and Secondary. However, with a little assistance from a teacher or parent both levels will prove useful for all children.

Videoconference at the MT&R

Videoconference This ISDN-based videoconferencing activity will bring compelling video clips and discussion directly from The Museum of Television & Radio to your school or library. Find out how you can participate in the videoconference by contacting Carla Fantozzi at (310) 786-1034 or Keith Nuthall   at (619) 748-0010.  Download the activity activities.

Follow-Up WebQuest

Conflict Yellowstone Wolves Conflict Yellowstone Wolves is a real-life inquiry-oriented activity that challenges students to solve a current complex problem. Students will interact with experts, study past history, and develop a solution to the heated debate on reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park. The project concludes with the students writing and sending a letter to the editor or government official.

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